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Please add UHD - HDR (High Dynamic Range) support to DVD Fab Media Player

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  • Please add UHD - HDR (High Dynamic Range) support to DVD Fab Media Player

    I received an email from support that UHD disc High Dynamic Range (HDR) output is not included in DVD Fab Media Player, nor is it on the roadmap to be added. I find this very odd as HDR is a major selling point and feature of UHD discs (aside from the 4k resolution of course).

    I liked using the trial of DVD Fab Media Player, but without HDR support, a purchase is out of the question. Please add this feature - it will generate more sales!

    Thank you.

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    We are working on HDR support, thanks for your suggestion.
    DVDFab is the all-in-one software package for copying Blu-ray/DVD and converting video file.


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      That is FANTASTIC news - thanks! Feel free to message if you need a tester


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        Do you have any news you can please share on the progress of HDR support? Thanks!


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          I also have high expectations regarding this. Any news?


          Originally posted by fengtao View Post
          DVDFab will not support AACS2 protection for UHD.

          However, DVDFab will support UHD copy, conversion and playback in the future.

          We are working on full UHD playback including UHD menu navigation and HDR render, please wait for new version of DVDFab Media Player.
          It seems development is happening.

          Also, we need HDR to SDR content conversion for 4k displays that do not support HDR but are 4k. That would make DVD Fab Media Player the best solution for UHD content.
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            Thanks for the link to the October 3rd post from fengtao indicating HDR render is still in the works - very encouraging!


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              I would be very curious how this development is going? I too am very interested in implementing HDR support in all my 4K rips. The resulting output is night and day in color vibrance and depth! The DVDFab Media Player 5 already beats the snot out of PowerDVD 18! Having an MP4 4K HDR profile would be the icing on the cake!