New! DVDFab Player is out (June 28, 2018)

New: Improved the playback support for Blu-ray discs.
New: Improved the UI display support under high DPI displays.
Fix: A problem that the TrueHD/DTS-HD audios cannot be selected in certain cases.
Fix: A problem that the menus of movie Tron are improperly displayed.
Fix: A problem that the option to turn off the subtitles preselection does not work when playing back DVDs under Simple Mode.

DVDFab Player5:
MD5: 4BEE2FF6A37BE4EAF1D98C982B9A075A
SHA1: 756A16F98D39F914BF365D735EE68D3DE4784974
CRC32: 66E894D3