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Star Wars Blu Rays and UHD Blu Rays 2020 integrated subtitle, lag issue.

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    DVDFab Player v6.1.0.2 Star Wars Blu Rays and UHD Blu Rays 2020 integrated subtitle, lag issue.

    Dear DVD-Fab-Team,

    I recently watched all Star Wars episodes of the 2020 Versions via the Media Player 6. From Episode I to VI and Rogue One I Ran into a lag issue. (happens on the BDs and UHD Bds originals discs) This triggers every time shortly before a integrated "subtitile" line appears on the screen, for example when Aliens like Jabba are talking in their native language on the english ATMOS or 7.1 layers. At this moment some kind of picture lag appears while the sound works fine. After this picture lag the sound and the picture are perfectly matched like befor but you lost some frames. This issue is easily repeatable every time shortly before the integrated subtitles appear on the screen and after the end of the intro. It was especially ennoying in Star Wars VI at the Hutt cartel scenes, because there the subtitles appear all the time. I guess this has something to do with the seamless branching which isn't fully working on the media Player 6. In my opinion this should be the number one focus for future updates.

    The music functionality is nice, but I can't even play audio CDs with the player. The functionality of the movie and BD Disc playback should be the number one priority before those additional features. As mona told me the high bitrate lags on Gladiator and Robin Hood (new version) aren't fixed as well. Still there is a lot of lag going on. So the discs rest in the shelf. It would be cool to get informed about the progress on these issues and detailed information by the developers.

    Thanks for reading and for looking into this.



    Hi Walpurgis, our QA team members are trying to repeat your playback case. Please zip and attach the whole DVDFab Player log folder and send it to us as well. Thanks.
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      #3 didn't fix the issues. Maybe a bit less but still there and still annoying.