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    DVDFab Player v6.1.0.0 ATMOS support with Dolby Atmos for Headphones App


    I have to say I am totally amazed by how well this player handles big 4K files with HDR no matter what format.
    I have tested a lot of other options and none worked so smoothly as this one.

    Today I also activated Dolby Atmos for headphones from the offical App.
    Apps like Netflix now even show up as Dolby Atmos audio, so the system sound is detected as Atmos compatible.
    Therefore I tested some of the offical Atmos demos with VLC media player. It sounded good but when I used DVDFab suddenly the 3D locations were really sharp.
    There was no bleeding anymore and it really turned into full surround which totally amazed me.

    I checked the VLC forums and they say that even though a media player can decode Atmos to be a 7.1 track for example it will not always send all the metadata to the
    Dolby Atmos app. So you will end up with the normal downmix of 7.1 to Stereo. My question is, as Atmos with different channels is even advertized on the DVDFab site
    and the sound is so much different, will DVDFab Media Player Ultra V6 play true Atmos sound like commercial Apps like Netflix do?