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DVD Fab Player does not detect attached 3d tv

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    DVD Fab Player does not detect attached 3d tv

    Hi. I've just taken advantage of the "2 month free license" to try DVDFabPlayer on my laptop. My sole interest in your product is in being able to playback my 3d blu-rays ripped to my NAS.

    It's a Lenovo T450S attached to a Samsung 3dtv. It has Intel HD5500 graphics. The TV is detected by the system as being a 3dtv.

    I initially had it set up so that the laptop display is the primary one, and the TV was the secondary one, and I 'extend' the desktop across. I put the DVD Fab Player window on the TV screen. 'Auto' detection of the 3d display type fails to give me 3d (I think I get red/cyan playback). If I try to manually select "HDMI 1.4 3D TV" it said that it'd failed to recognise it.

    So, I tweaked the settings on the laptop so that the TV is the primary display, and the main laptop screen is the secondary one. Now if I try to detect it says something like "try only having 1 display".

    I can't disable the laptop display, so only having 1 display is not an option. Any suggestions?

    Since trying DVD Fab Player, I've discovered "Stereoscopic Player" and that drives the TV just fine, using the "Intel Stereo Driver", so this may be the way I go...

    Thank you for your report, we will check.
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      Originally posted by Mona View Post
      Thank you for your report, we will check.
      Let me know if there are any tests you'd like me to run.