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  • "The Whole Truth" - Region A USA Retail Blu-Ray - Playlist

    Passkey states that the correct playlist for my "The Whole Truth": Region A USA Retail Blu-Ray is #600. Can we trust that? Has anyone verified it by any chance? Thanks.

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    Why you don't trust it? Please post internal log so we can check it.
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      Well, I read a discussion somewhere else suggesting that #600 was the playlist for the Redbox disc - and it seems to me that it is rare that the same playlist works for a rental as well as a retail release. I will try to find where a log is for this disc and post it.


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        Update: I loaded my "The Whole Truth" retail region A/USA BD in DVDFab10-64bit, and it also identified #600 as the main movie. BDInfo says the segment map is: 517,510,520,502,507,501,511,518,505,513,516,506,51 5,512,508,504,509,519,514,503 - which matches what my standalone BDInfo program says & what I have read elsewhere (for the Redbox rental disc).
        Please be aware I started this question because this is a Lionsgate release with their usual book length list of nonsense playlist numbers.
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