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Does Passkey BR support 4K (M-discs)?

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  • Does Passkey BR support 4K (M-discs)?

    I bought a m-disc drive and was hoping to start making 4K mp4s. I get this error:
    DVDFabPasskey (2017/10/07 20:46:19)

    0m 01.85s: opening drive I
    0m 01.86s: opened i/o
    0m 01.87s: got media type 15
    0m 03.06s: got max lba 45578303
    0m 10.41s: got disc type 40
    0m 10.42s: type UHD BDMV
    0m 10.43s: volume label BATMAN_V_SUPERMAN_UE
    0m 10.44s: bd set region ?
    0m 10.47s: opening drive I
    0m 10.49s: opened i/o
    0m 11.65s: got max lba 45578303
    0m 13.44s: got disc type 40
    0m 13.46s: internal path I:/BDMV/
    0m 13.72s: aacs 1 bd+ 0
    0m 14.74s: got bdmv
    0m 14.75s: got agid 0
    0m 14.80s: sent host cert chal
    0m 14.81s: got drive cert chal
    0m 14.82s: BEC 1
    0m 14.84s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0073
    0m 14.90s: got drive key
    0m 14.91s: got host key signature
    0m 14.92s: verified drive signature
    0m 14.93s: verified host signature
    0m 14.99s: sent host signature and key point
    0m 15.01s: got bus key
    0m 16.83s: got volume id
    0m 16.84s: got volume id mac
    0m 16.86s: volume id is correct
    0m 16.87s: got vid
    0m 17.34s: blu-ray 91A8617B470A5203F511F0B4FEE60236434C98B7
    0m 29.77s: ff error: 13
    0m 29.78s: failed to open 308

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    Passkey doesn't support UHD disc.
    DVDFab is the all-in-one software package for copying Blu-ray/DVD and converting video file.