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  • Four UHD Titles - Not Supported

    I've gone through and ripped my UHD collection, using the new functionality in to rip the remaining titles I had that were not covered by the previously-leaked key files. Unfortunately, out of the remaining titles that I had, four of them are coming up as "not yet supported" and, therefore, cannot be opened.

    Seeing as I have a fairly decent idea of where DVDFab is getting their UHD keys, should we be submitting AACS dumps to that rumored place in order to get support for those discs in Passkey? Or is Passkey automatically obtaining these AACS dumps and submitting them (or cracking them themselves)?

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    it may take a few days before dvdfab can support them - https://www.myce.com/news/dvdfab-ann...oftware-84041/


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      Ah, I had not read the press release and did not know that they were partnering with DeUHD. I was under the assumption that they were using MakeMKV's hashed keys like AnyDVD is doing, but I guess that is not correct.

      So that being said, for discs that cannot be decrypted yet, is Passkey automatically submitting dumps to DeUHD? Or do we need to submit dumps to DeUHD? Or is there no way to submit dumps at all?