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AVI to ATV Crashing

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  • AVI to ATV Crashing

    Still crashing when I try to conver avi to apple tv standard profile. Only info about abort is in dvdfab_internal.log. All other folders empty

    DVDFab (2011/10/09 15:48:01)

    0m 01.21s: Qt Translator file load success
    0m 01.24s: option dvd2dvd 1 dvd2mobile 1 bluray2bluray 1 bd2mobile 1 bd23d 1 bd2dvd 1 file2mobile 1 filemover 1
    0m 49.57s:

    ------ begin mobile work(1/1) ------

    0m 49.57s: info: create config(3)
    0m 49.57s: info: convert profile(appletv.default)
    0m 49.57s: info: file (.avi),3D(0)
    0m 49.57s: info: streams((0.2)(1.2))
    0m 51.52s: info: not set correct fourcc for video(28)
    0m 51.52s: info: set output video frame_rate(30000/1001)
    0m 52.54s: info: h264_encode: encode param profile(1) level(31) bitrate(2315)

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    Hi rdargus,

    Please upgrade to the latest version of DVDFab Qt at http://www.dvdfab.com/mlink/download.php?g=DVDFAB to convert again. For your problems, could you please use other .avi files to see if this is a universal problem, or just for this one?



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      Did upgrade to beta and tried one avi with subtitles. Avi converted with out crashing and did reach over 300fps during conversion and quality was acceptable.

      Also tried two mkv files (720p) which converted about 140fps and first file hung at completion (100% complete, 0fps, 0 time, and with elapsed time running. File did actually convert properly. After cancel of first file second file completed normally.