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  • Video Downloader Plug-in Video Downloader Online Help

    NOTICE: Video Downloader can not be used on CPUs that do not support the SSE2 instruction set.

    - What can I do with this plug-in?
    You can download and save video files (for processing in DVDFab) as .mp4 or .flv file from YouTube, metacafe or Vimeo.

    - Can I use the Plug-in outside of DVDFab?
    No, the plug-in can only be used with DVDFab Video Converter or BD/DVD Creator options, registered user or trial users.

    - Can I use the Plug-in on the old DVDFab version?
    No, the plug-in is only supported with DVDFab version V9.1.8.4 Beta or later.

    - How do I download the Plug-in?
    1. Download and install DVDFab V9.1.8.4 or later on your PC.
    2. At first running, a dialog box will pop up and you can choose “Download now” or “Download later”.
    Choose “Download Now” button, after downloading is finished, Video Download plug-in will be installed and opened automatically. Restart DVDFab before attempting to use it.
    You can also download the plug-in by clicking “Download” button in Video Converter and Creator module if you chose “Download later” option when first opening.

    - How to download online videos?
    Start Video Download from Converter / Creator by clicking Download button.
    Open YouTube website and click an online video.
    A blue “Download” button will be shown on the top-right of the video window.
    You can choose the video resolution and format.
    Click and choose a format to add to the download queue. See the screen captures below for more information.

    The added download video will be shown in Download table.

    And the download video file will be added to Converter or Creator when pressing “To Creator” or “To Converter” button.

    - Can I set proxy in DVDFab if my network connection could not open YouTube?
    Yes, you can set network proxy in DVDFab Common Settings -> Network.

    - Will it support other online video websites in future versions?
    Yes. The plug-in will be continuously improved and will support more online video websites in future versions.

    - What can I do if I have problem when using Video Download?
    You can start a thread in Video Converter and Creator forum. Or send an email to mona@dvdfab.cn.

    Also, the DVDFab internal log and video download log may be needed. It’s better if you can give us the link to online video that caused the problem so that we can try it. Thanks!

    Any feedback will be appreciated, just post in the Video Converter or Creator forums!

    Thanks for your support, we hope you will enjoy using this handy tool!
    Attached Files
    Please post your logs the default location is:
    For DVDFab9_Win7 & Win8 C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab9\Log
    For DVDFab10_Win7 & Win8 C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab10\Log
    For Mac: /User/User name/Documents/DVDFab10/Log
    Please use attachment button and attach your most recent, Internal log and post right here.
    If it's the burning issue, please also attach burn log.