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DVDFAB Crashes when downloading plug-in

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  • Video Downloader Plug-in DVDFAB Crashes when downloading plug-in

    I've used the Video Download Plug-In in Creator since it came out without a problem. Somewhere around DVDFAB it started saying I had to download the Plug-In every time I moved up to a new version. Starting with I would get the message I must download the Plug-In to use this feature. When I click on Yes, DVDFAB crashes back to Windows without downloading or running. The crash is instantaneous. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling DVDFAB, but I still get a crash. What do I need to adjust?
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    I'm having the same problem with It started by asking me to update the converter. It didn't so much as crash as the UI went away leaving a dvdfab9 process running (but not taking any cpu time). I reinstalled dvdfab9 and this time it asked to install the download addin rather than update it. Same results. I have to use the task manager to kill the process before dvdfab9 can be restarted.


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      Please try to install the plug-in manually, steps as below:

      1. Download the plug-in from the following URL: http://download.dvdfab.cn/VideoDownloader.plg

      2. Copy this .plg file to the plugin_download folder.
      Path: C:\Users\XXX\Documents\DVDFab9\Temp\plugin_downloa d

      3. Go back to DVDFab, click on the Download button under Converter or Creator module to bring up Video Downloader window and see the result.

      DVDFab log default location:
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      For Mac: Finder>Documents>DVDFab11>Log

      DVDFab Player 5:
      For Windows: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab Player 5\Log
      For Mac: Finder>Documents>DVDFab Player 5>Log

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        when I attempt to unzip the plug in to manually install it, I am prompted for a password to open the encrypted file. My member central password does not work.