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    I output all of my rips and conversions to the MKV format.

    All of my movies I want in 1080p, and my other media to be in 720p.

    Is there a way to create a MKV-1080p profile and a MKV-720p profile? I saw how to do it for the device profiles (Apple TV, etc.), but not for MKV.

    It's a hassle to have to click on each video to specify that I want it to be 720p.

    What am I missing?

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    You can do it to the mkv profile just put a video in Fab then hit mkv profile then advanced settings then on the right use the pull down box save as default and save resolution.I don't think theirs a way to have 2 mkv default settings but think about this set one in version 9 of fab for say 720p then use Fab version 10 for the 1080p profile then use the Fab version with the proper settings for the video resolution problem solved.