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Video converter x265 files seem jerky

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  • Video converter x265 files seem jerky

    First off, congrats on DVDFab 10. I'm still getting used to the pretty but slightly fussy interface, but I'm sure it'll settle down.

    I am trying to convert some xvid files to x265. The conversion speed using default settings is fine - about 4x what I was getting in DVDFab 9.

    However the converted files seem a little "jerky" for want of a better expression, when compared to the originals. Movement seems less smooth and much more noticeable/unrealistic than on the original file.

    I can upload an example pre- and post-conversion if you like.

    I know converting from xvid is not ideal, but I don't have original rips of China Beach to work with.

    Any ideas/suggestions to improve the quality of the rips?

    Many thanks

    keep up the good work


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    Post your Fab internal log file for this conversion try doing a conversion using all software in Fab settings check mark use all software and try again.


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      I've had the best luck converting x264 to x265, pretty much problem free. Xvid not so much or lesser known formats. I would re-rip the original source material straight to x265, or x264 then x265 if that works better for you.