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MKV 2 pass hangs at 40%

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  • MKV 2 pass hangs at 40%

    I don't see the proper pre-fix for Mac as an option.
    I am new to this so sorry if I am attaching the wrong file. I tried to convert from a large MKV file that looks great but is about 7GB to a smaller one using 2 - pass and cannot get it to complete (At least not in a couple hours) Single pass takes 25 min or so for reference. I have attached the log file.

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    You log file never made it we need the internal log file.Cut and paste the log for this try into a post here the last file done is the last in the file we don't need all the files in the log file.2nd pass is done using soft wear so it's much slower than 1st pass.You can try high quality with one pass and should get a good result and be done way quicker.