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MP4 passthrough conversion of MKV .265 files

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  • MP4 passthrough conversion of MKV .265 files

    My understanding of the MP4 passthrough is it simply removes audio and video from the source container (in this case MKV .265) and remuxes into MP4 container with no encoding. The codec used should not matter.

    The problem I am having is, all of my .265 encoded files finish within seconds and show successfull but the resulting file is only 1kb.

    Same setup has worked fine with all of my MKV encoded in .264.

    What am I missing?

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    Post the internal log file for one of these conversions the last file in the list is the last one you done.Cut and past it here into a post we don't need all the logs in the folder.


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      H265 doesn't have any video pass through profiles you can only pass the audio by checking copy audio in advanced settings.


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        Ok, I will post a log this weekend.
        As for profiles, I am not sure I understand this. My understanding is that mkv or mp4 are the containers and with there may be one or multiple audio, video, subtitle streams along with other potential metadata. MP4 passthrough takes whatever source, demuxes, then wraps the video, audio, subtitles, and compatible metadata in the mp4 wrapper.

        With that oversimplified understanding...where does the profile for 265 come into play?

        Is there anything that can be done about it?


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          You can pass through audio and video in those 2 containers in h264 untouched but for h265 the audio can pass untouched the video must be compressed how much you can control in advanced settings with the slider control and custom setting.


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            Ok, I understand what has to be done. Now I would like to understand the why of it. Is it a limitation of one of the containers, a requirement of the .265 codec (I don't understand this if it is the case), a limitation in DVDFab handling of .265 streams or what? If the audio can be passed through untouched, it indicates that it can be successfully demuxed from video stream, what is the cause for the requirement for compression of the .265 video stream?

            Separately, as a hypothetical with a video encoded in h264 at reasonably high bitrate, what kind of quality loss would I expect re encoding in h265?


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              Well h265 is much more efficient than 264 at compression of video and audio.The whole idea is to have a way to put video and audio on a 50 gig disk in blu rays case H264 did the job but now we have 4k disks with 4 times the resolution of blu rays so how you going to fit it on disks that won't cost more than the blu ray disks or at least near the cost of blu ray disks? The answer is to come up with a more efficient way of packing all that information onto a disk of the same size and H265 does just this.

              As a result you can get every bit of the quality of a blu ray(h264) onto a disk using h265.At what setting is the quality the same as h264 I would say using the custom in advanced and sliding the slider one quarter of the way should be close a tad more to be sure this being a logical guess as I am not the creator of the software perhaps a staff member could tell you the exact settings if one is available.I set mine for hi quality in advanced settings and can't tell the difference on a hugh 12 foot screen.

              The profiles are the containers you can pick from when using ripper or convertor to rip or convert to a
              different format.

              With this said I see you want to use converter to convert mkv h265 to Mp-4 passthrough and Fab is crashing as a crash report comes up so I will report this in another topic.
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