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Virt Drives are unmounting under Standard Account

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  • Virt Drives are unmounting under Standard Account

    On our Windows 7 32bit machine, we have four user accounts: two standard users and two administrator users.

    When an account is set as an administrator, our virtual drives stay mounted after log outs and reboots. But, if an account is set as a standard user, after a reboot and logging directly back into the same standard account, all of the virtual drives that where mounted are now gone. Logging out of the standard account and then back into an admin account; the drives are back. Logging into a administrator account 1st and then logging out and into a standard account... the drives are mounted fine. How can I keep the drives mounted all the time?

    I hope I'm being clear here as I'm in a big of a rush to try to explain myself. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    I'm using version (sorry, I included the wrong version number in the title.) I'll try but I don't think that will correct this issue.


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      Whether "Mount last image automatically" in Settings is checked when runing as Standard Account, DVDFab Virtual Drive will store separate settings for each user.

      Thank you for your feedback.


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        Thank you. Yes, I should have mentioned that said settings are enabled. Is there a registry setting or other settings file I can confirm?


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          I test this issue again on Windows 7 64-bit with a standard user, mount iso reboot then logging back, the drives are mounted fine.

          I will test on Windows 7 32-bit and Windows XP machine.

          I have send PM to you, and thanks for you quick reply.


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            And make sure mount iso in standard user, then reboot and logging back.

            DVDFab Virtual Drive will store last mounted info in :HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DVDFab VDrive\LastMounted


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              Thank you again! Can you confirm that you're fully rebooting (not just logging out) from an admin account and then once rebooted, you're logging directly into a standard user in Windows 7? That's where I'm seeing the issue.

              I'm starting to wonder if the issue was caused by the unit being "cloned" via Symantec Ghost.

              I need to sit down and do more testing...

              Again, thanks!


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                Sorry for the delay in replying.

                Yes, fully rebooting.

                How about your more test result?


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                  Unfortunately, I've not had any more time to test as the PC in question is no longer at my location. I will post an update as soon as I'm able.

                  Thanks again!