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Virtual Drive to Mount CD-ROM?

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  • Virtual Drive to Mount CD-ROM?

    How can I make a copy of a CD-ROM so that I can open it in Virtual Drive the same way I can open DVD .iso copies?

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    To the best of my knowledge NO DVDFab software rips CDs.
    If this is an Audio CD you need to use a software that can rip it.
    This will give you the music files as .wav or other audio format if it can be set that way.
    Then you can use a software that DVDFab uses for one of it's burning engines.
    That software can create an .iso of audio files used independently/.

    I hope you can figure out which optional burning engine to use.


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      No, CD-ROM is not an audio format. I have found my solution, and it does not involve DVDFab Virtual Drive at all - in fact, with Windows 10, DVDFab Virtual Drive needs to be removed.

      ImgBurn will rip a CD-ROM to .iso format, and then that file can be automatically mounted in Windows 10 without the need of other software.


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        Glad you got it sorted & figured out the optional burning engine to use.

        CD-ROM can & is used for any CD disc that is not rewritable.
        It just means Compact Disc - Read Only Memory.
        You didn't post if the CD disc you were working with was pressed or burned.
        I just guessed it was an Audio CD.

        Now I would guess you are working with a game CD-ROM disc.
        If it didn't have copy protection on it you are probably OK.
        The game CDs sometimes have some hard to work with copy protection.
        Those are outside my comfort level to give advice on.

        If not a game CD-ROM what is on this disc?
        Sometimes a little more information is helpful.
        I know you already were able to make an .iso copy .
        I wanted to figure out why DVDFab Virtual Drive wouldn't open the .iso of this CD-ROM & actually had to be removed for Windows 10 to mount it.