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    Virtual Drive Error Msg.: DVDFab Virtual Drive version mismatched


    a while ago my DVDFab Virtual Drive started to cause error messages:
    DVDFab Virtual Drive version mismatched. Please restart your PC or reinstall DVDFab Virtual Drive.
    These messages appear on every single start of the PC, so rebooting doesn't solve anything.
    I reinstalled it again and again and again over the weeks without any improvement.

    I tried to install it onto the existing installation... the error is still there.
    I uninstalled the software first and installed the most recent one afterwards... the error is still there.
    I even tested some cleaning tools, removing orphaned folders, files and registry entries have a cleaned system for installation... it's still there.

    How can I get this solved?

    Thank you

    This happened to me too, after the latest Windows 10 update (Ver. 2004, Build 19041.388). It has almost become a routine necessity to remove and reinstall after certain Windows updates. I too got that same message, even when installing as administrator. I usually don't have it set to auto launch on startup so I wasn't getting the error at each reboot, but did when I manually launched. On my third attempt to re-install, I set compatibility mode to Windows 8 and then it launched ok, but I did get that same error again after the first attempt to launch, but then went away after second, and successive attempts. Not sure if it makes any difference, but I have integration set ONLY to '.miniso'. (Perhaps it conflicts with Windows' own .iso mounting capability if '.iso' is also set). I didn't bother doing extensive troubleshooting since it seems to work (for now), but as has been posted by others in the past, this needs to be updated since it is around 6 years old. Regardless of those requests, no update has been released that I am aware of. Developers seem to be more focused on new add-ons for the core product. I use this after every copy I make to HD to check integrity of the copy before burning to disc. Whenever Windows does an update, this is one of the first programs I check (among several others) to see if compatibility issues arise, and more times than not, I have to go through the whole uninstall/reinstall routine. Sad that request for update have fallen on deaf ears. Since it is a standalone program and not even very big (around 640 KB for core .exe. and .dll file) wouldn't think this would be a major task. Maybe if enough people complain, developers will pay attention.
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      I've got the EXACT SAME problem with DVDFab Virtual Drive 1511 on my Win10 box after performing Microsoft's security updates.

      I've rebooted.

      I've un-installed and re-installed.

      I get the same error message about 'DVDFab Virtual Drive Version is mismatched"
      Please restart your PC or re-install DVDFab virtual drive.

      This is how I use my DVDFab ripped ISO's? I can't play movies on my machine now!

      How can I resolve this?

      I'm on feature update to Win10 version 2004

      and just installed

      August 11, 2020-KB4569745 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 2004

      August 11, 2020—KB4566782 (OS Build 19041.450)

      so one of these is causing the problem. As there's not much point to Buying new versions of DVDFab if I can't use the ISO's, hopefully tech support will get this worked on.

      I will mention one other issue I've always had. If I disable in my licensed copy of DVDFab the scanning of this virtual drive, this messes up Virtual Drive and I have to re-install it.

      It's always worked after the re-install - and I work around that issue by simply unmounting all the virtual drives Before I rip a new Blu-ray or DVD - but... would be nice if this small issue was also resolved.

      As again, as I only play ISO's - if I can't mount them DVDFab is rather useless for me and Not motivated to look at the 4K upgrade which I've been considering.


        If you are saving to .iso, you should be able to mount the .iso file directly in Windows 10, since Windows has native support to mount .iso files. Simply click on the .iso file and it will then show up as as a virtual drive using the next available drive letter. You don't necessarily need Virtual Drive to mount an .iso file, though you still do to mount a DVDFab.miniso if outputting to folder rather than single .iso file. (Of course, to play an .iso file in a software player such as PowerDVD, the .iso needs to be unprotected, so don't select "Keep Protection" when saving to .iso.)


          Thank you for your answers.
          Unfortunately I work with Mini-ISO pretty often and they seem to be dedicated to DVDFab.
          I tested several other Mounting-Tools but no one worked - most of them even didn't notice the Mini-ISO as a mountable format