DVDFab Forum - Is there a DVDFab Virtual Drive manual or tutorial?

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Is there a DVDFab Virtual Drive manual or tutorial?

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    Virtual Drive Is there a DVDFab Virtual Drive manual or tutorial?

    Or a page with instructions on how to use it?

    I know nothing about it. TIA.

    Paultx I have not seen one (although that doesn't mean there is not one). It is actually pretty easy and straightforward to use.

    A Virtual Drive is just that ... it is a software drive that will appear to the system as a physical hard drive. (with limitations - the main one being it will appear as a Read Only drive).

    Once you install it, an icon should appear on the task bar. If you right click on the icon, you will see several options, one of them being settings. The General settings are pretty self explanatory. Integration gives you the option to have Virtual Drive mount certain media file types as a virtual drive. Hot keys again are self explanatory, as is Ppdate key. As you probably already know, Window 10 (as well as 8, not sure about 7) has native support to mount .iso drives, so I usually unselect that so it doesn't potentially conflict with Windows native support. I also don't usually have it autoload on startup, but launch it only on demand as I need ... personal choice.

    I mainly use it to mount BD files that I have copied from a disc to my HDD. There is an option in DVDFab to automatically create a .miniso launcher/icon whenever you make a copy from a BD disc to your HDD, using folders options, (as opposed to .iso file). This is turned on by default and can be turned off or on under the Advanced Setting tab on the DVDFab main screen. The icon will be in the root directory of your movie folder. If you click on it, your movie will then be mounted on a virtual drive and you can then watch the movie on your PC using a software player, such as Power DVD or VLC. Ejecting the virtual drive doesn't unmount the virtual drive ... you have to use the unmount option by either right clicking on the icon on the taskbar and choosing that option , or simply right clicking on the virtual drive from Drives and Devices view and selecting the unmount option. You also have the option to create several virtual drives if you need, and have the option of assigning whatever drive letter(s) is/are available to the system. You can set this from the drop-down menu by right clicking on the taskbar icon.

    If you are new to using Virtual Drive, just some heads up. The software, although its free, hasn't been updated in several years and after certain Windows 10 updates, at least 64 bit, it ceases to function properly. You have to then uninstall it, reboot your PC (to release the driver) then reinstall and that usually takes care of this issue 99% of the time. Installing and running it as Administrator doesn't seem to make a difference with this particular issue, but cant hurt.

    I find it to be a very handy tool. I mainly use it for troubleshooting, or checking the integrity of a copied title before burning to disc (using Imgburn).

    This isn't meant as a tutorial and just wanted to share some basic points I have knowledge of. I hope I answered any, or at least some of the questions you may have had, but if not, post your specific question or issue and I, or someone else on this forum, will try and answer it. Good luck.


      So basically we use Virtual Drive to add drives to the system, right?

      I have an extra 1 TB HDD I use to save my converted videos. Do I need Virtual Drive in this case?


        Originally posted by Paultx View Post
        Or a page with instructions on how to use it?

        I know nothing about it. TIA.
        there's a how to guide - https://www.dvdfab.cn/virtual-drive.htm#guide


          Originally posted by october262 View Post
          Thank you, october262.