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  • Other/General DVDFab Virtual Drive is out

    DVDFab Virtual Drive is a virtual DVD/Blu-ray emulator. It emulates maximum 18 drives and works with DVD/Blu-ray images created by DVDFab and other programs.

    For example, to play a Blu-ray backup on PC with PowerDVD 8 and above, you need use DVDFab to backup the Blu-ray to an ISO image file, and use DVDFab Virtual Drive to mount it, then PowerDVD will play it.

    DVDFab Virtual Drive is freeware, no cost at all.

    System Requirements
    * Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 (32-bit/64-bit) X86/X64
    * Pentium II 500 MHz, 256 MB of RAM

    Download Link

    What's New
    * Fix: crash when mount image from shell extension
    * Fix: BSOD in some cases
    * Updated language files
    * Some minor changes and improvements.

    For translators
    * No changes.
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    DvdFab Virtual Drive problems

    Still no change with error messages as I explained for v1117...any ideas??


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      DvdFab Virtual Drive ( or any of the past few versions ) won't play any of my latest (DVD9 )Blu-ray back-ups or ISO's ....PowerDvd 8 error message reads "there is an unsupported disc in the drive" this happens Whenever I tried to play my Blu-ray back-ups discs or iso's like Robin Hood,Predators,Toy Story3 Iron Man 2,"however" PowerDvd 8 will play all of the originals of these movies. I even Integrated DVDFab Virtual Drive into Windows Media Center but only with the same results........but it will play all my older BDs and ISO's such as The Dark Knight , Iron Man 1 , Pirates of the Caribbean Series , and any regular DVD. I have the latest updates for PowerDvd8......Any Help would be appreciated.
      Backup blu-ray to DVD9, DvdFab virtual Driver doesn't mount correctly?

      thanks for your feedback.


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        How do you create the BD9 ISO? using DVDFab the latest version?
        DVDFab is the all-in-one software package for copying Blu-ray/DVD and converting video file.


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          OK Guys....I'll answer your questions first....Yes DvdFab Virtual will not play any of my BD DVD9 iso's that I made by copying the main movie only with no compression to my HD and then compressing it to a BD DVD9 iso, " since 4-22-10 " , it will just read "there is an unsupported disc in the drive" and go no further...and I have used just about all the updates with both programs . My last movie was "Toy Story 3" which I used DvDFab v8032 and Virtual Drive v1118 with no luck . Keep in mind it will and has played all BD DVD9's I made "before" 4-22-2010 and any Reg DVD . I tried to going back to the earlier v7035 which was released on 4-10-2010...and redone one of my other movies, which I copied and compressed , but it didn't work , had the same result.Also I have the same problem when I try to play my back-up BD DVD9 discs in my computer, only the older ones will play. All said and done they ALL PLAY FINE on my Panasonics DMP BD60 & 65 BD players. I have used only Verbatim media since day one and burned only with ImgBurn with latest updates.If you need any more info, please let me know...Thanks


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            Hi, this is caused by dvdfab Blu-ray Copy settings, when you checked "Create software player friendly AVCHD folder structure (with certificate folder)", then PowerDVD will be happy to play it.
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              I redid "Toy Story 3 " and it worked fine....thanks for all your help Xubin


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                I have found that DvdFab Virtual Drive version don't work with PowerDVD 10 ver.10.0.2325.51 (last released version 2010-11-26) while it is OK with the version 10.0.1516.51.

                After having mount on an image bluray iso Power Dvd it says "no disk in the unity M: "

                With the older version of Power DVD instead it is everything OK.

                How come?



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                  Whether can view the mounted drive files in Windows Explorer? I had installed 10.0.2352.51, test several blu-ray ISOs, all play ok.


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                    I have update VirtualDrive to the version exit today but it doesn't work with PowerDVD 10 ver.10.0.2325.51s (last released version 2010-11-26).

                    I attach snapshot error win

                    Click image for larger version

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                      It seems not latest PowerDVD 10 update patch issue, from the windows message box:
                      impossible to read from disk, disk may be corrupted or using a format not compatible with windows.
                      Possible reasons:
                      * dvdfab or other applications already hold this drive before mounting.
                      close any cdrom related applications, mounting again.

                      * the iso is corrupt
                      try some other ISOs, check whether there are work.


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                        xubin, he/she has Windows XP according to Design and Windows XP doesn't have UDF 2.5 driver.
                        Life is a gift and should be experienced in full joy


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                          Wow, you are right :-)

                          Is there anyone else has the same issue? I'll test windows xp today.


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                            I can reproduce this issue in Windows XP, when fixed, i will send a PM to u.


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                              Everything thanks to all for the ready answers.
                              I have almost all tried the combinations:

                              1) I have tried with a new file iso produced with the last version of DvdFab Bluray->Bluray (the old iso I had created him with the version Impossible to load the file iso!!
                              I have not found online file iso produced by other alternative programs to DvdFab

                              2) I have tried to in another computer and I have always unloaded the trial version of Power Dvd 10.0.2325.52 (the last in the site gives Cyberlink). Nothing to be done. Impossible to load the file iso!!

                              3) I have tried other emulators of Blue-ray alternative to VirtualDrive as BDDecripter, VirtualClone, Nero premium. But they doesn't also work!!!

                              The absurd is that with the version 10.0.1516.51 both Trial (other computer) how normal of Power dvd everything works very well!!!!
                              With the version 10.0.2325.51 no!

                              Conclusion: it seems that the problem is of the new version of PowerDvd that has introduced something that prevents from using the iso. I don't understand however as to Xubin all works.

                              I perhaps have to make some setting particular to PowerDvd (I have tried a lot of of it but i have not resolved anything).

                              Obviously PowerDvd 10.0.2325.51 work very well with original Bluray inserted in my writer Bluray LG.