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7.1 support WHEN ???

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  • 7.1 support WHEN ???

    I have slowly enough to do a 2 encodeing, only because you was still not able to add 7.1 support.
    I have to use you for ripping and then I need to passthrow the Audio to make a second encoding with StaxRIP only to make a passthrow on the video and encode to 7.1 ACC.

    I have ask you since many months already to add it but you still not add it, WHY ? All other free tools have a 7.1 support .... so why you not kick someone in the ass and add finaly 7.1 support ?

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    Which mode did you use? If you are using Ripper, you can choose mkv and m2ts and then copyaudio to convert, it shall keep the 7.1.

    Would you please tell us that which player can play back the AAC 7.1 correctly?
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      Plex can