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DVDFab crashing Windows 8.1

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  • broderp
    started a topic DVDFab crashing Windows 8.1

    DVDFab crashing Windows 8.1

    I have not used DVDFab fore a few months. I recently wanted to back up a movie I legally purchased and when I started DVDFab it crashed my computer.

    The program locks on the opening splash screen, sometimes the screen does not properly load. The computer still responds to other tasks (email, other programs etc.) for several minutes but all that occurs is the BSOD.

    The error reported is "DRIVER_POWER_ STATE_ FAILURE" or something similar.

    I downloaded the newest version of DVDFab and installed. The install completes with no issues. Restarting the computer and then DVDFab still results in the same error.

    Any way to fix this?

    Thank you.

  • signals
    Attach the last DVDFab log session to a post. Instructions linked in my sig. Also attach the fabcheck.log file.

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  • LaciBacsi
    The "Driver_Power_State_Failure" along with BSOD is normally caused by an incompatible driver. Be sure your video card driver is up to date as well as the other suggestions above. Also, open Device Manager and see if there are any warnings on any of the devices.

    Other programs running ok may be due to the fact that DVDFab uses resources that those other programs don't, or may be a conflict with something you installed since last running DVDFab a few months ago. Also look at what was installed since the last time DVDFab ran ok.

    I am not sure if DVDFab will launch in safe mode, but you might want to boot-up in safe mode with networking enabled. If that works then you know some other device driver is causing the problem or conflict since Windows only runs minimal devices and drivers in safe mode.
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  • october262
    Are you running dvdfab "as administrator" ??
    check to make sure that your computer has
    All the latest updates and also check your antivirus/firewall software.

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