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Version Corrupted or VIRUS after Video Enhancer Install

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    I am using an older version Version Corrupted or VIRUS after Video Enhancer Install

    I have stuck with my version due to the fact that anything after when using MKV Passthrough you are unable to trim only 1 second off the end. THAT in itself is BS but hey, I have managed by having version 10 and an up to date version as well by my Prime/FULLY paid member-purchase. Tonight I get a popup for what I thought was an update to this AI Enhancer which I have had Great hopes for but have been deeply disappointed with. So I installed this and now I am getting a notice that "File Corrupted! This program has been manipulated and maybe its infected by a virus or cracked. The file wont work anymore." So I uninstalled and reinstalled and get the same thing. Pulled out some of my old installers.... 9 wont passthrough 265, my version of 10 still gets the warning and 11 is the one I cant trim 1 second off in MKV Passthrough. Anyone have version in the late 10 range other than what I have? I am so frustrated with this.

    Sorry that you got such an issue. What is your OS? Please send us the dvdfab_internal log file from DVDFab version 10, thank you.

    About the "trim 1 second off the end", do you mean that DVDFab 12 has the same issue? We will try to duplicate first, please send us the dvdfab_internal and fabcheck_internal log file for analysis as well, thanks again.