DVDFab Forum - DVDFab Media Recover Uninstall/Install Issues

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DVDFab Media Recover Uninstall/Install Issues

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    DVDFab Media Recover Uninstall/Install Issues

    After installing DVDFab Media Recover and trying to uninstall, I found a few problems.

    1. After installing on a Win10 system, application runs once. The application closed unexpectedly after trying to scan one folder. I tried restarting, but nothing was displayed on the screen or appeared to be running in taskmanager. I was never able to run the application again. You would click on app, and it would not run. I rebooted several times, but no help. I did notice that the application installed something in Startup called "DVD Media Recover." Not sure what it is starting up, but nothing ran.
    2. I ran the uninstall application, but it appears it is not removing everything. The application was still left in the Startup (in Task Manager).
    3. I tried reinstalling application, but could never get the application to run again. It look like it wanted to start, but nothing ever appeared on the screen.

    I guess I'll be waiting for .

    I'm not having much better luck with Although the application appears to run now, it doesn't scan or recognize corrupted ISO files. I have a directory with 20+ sub-folders with corrupted DVD ISO movie files from a NAS server that are neither scanned or recognized as corrupted by DVDFab Media Recover None of the files mount in Linux or Win10. They could have been corrupted by the NAS server itself or DVDFab Movie Player that cannot open the files either.