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    The screenshot I attached came well into the install process, after 3 or 4 other dialog boxes came and went. Keep going and it should pop up.
    How to post the internal log

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      Img Burn

      Hello again,
      I tried to install imgburn again and there wasn't anything that resembled your .jpg.
      I can't do any sort of selective install to opt out of "candy."
      All I can do is just forget using the program. AVG will quarantine it, and the program will not run.
      Thank you for your efforts!


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        You could go to - OldApps dot com - and get version, I'm pretty sure it is free of any garbage. And I never had any problems with it all the time I used that version.

        Just went there myself and download and installed it into a virtual machine.
        Doesn't have the PUP rubbish that is causing you and your AV problems, so that's one good thing.
        It does however have Ask Toolbar stuff but on the install you are given the clear option to say no to it.
        If I were you I would go with that version.
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