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Is there no UHD Creator for Mac?

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  • UHD Creator Is there no UHD Creator for Mac?

    While my PC is dead, i'm trying to prepare a BD-XL with 2 parts of a movie & some 'making of'. I'v tryied this already on my PC (fully activated DVDFab suite, update to 11 not possible at the moment) but i didn't find a way to create a main menu. Just now i bought a BD Creator licence for Mac, and i'm not shore if there is UHD included, and if i'll find a possibility to create a menu. On your site is just a Win version of UHD Creator availabile. So ????!!

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    currently UHD is only available for windows at the moment - https://www.dvdfab.cn/uhd-creator.htm?trackID=headmenu2


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      So that means, that's the reason why i just now can't select in 'BD Creator' bigger size for a .iso file then 50GB ?
      I have 17 parts of a TV serial with 92GB !!!
      I slightly remember i could choose (on PC) in program prefereces 100GB discs as output size. (wich includes also a .iso file?)
      (By the way: i found the icon for creating a menu... )
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        Will you guys ever create a UHD 4k Creator authoring tool for the Mac?