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    Originally posted by Mobe1969 View Post

    I am using one of those. But looking at the FAQ, that isn't sufficient. The drive is usb mounted as an optical drive, not sata mounted.

    "Yes, itís supported if itís in the supported drive list but does not support to downgrade the firmware via USB cable directly for now. We are still working for downgrading firmware via USB directly.

    However, there is a workaround for you, but it requires an extra step: taking out the drive from the USB enclosure and connect it to SATA bus of your PC. This is no easy task for anyone. If you feel hesitant to try, itís OK, just wait for an updated tool that can work with USB drives directly and easily"

    So if you don't have an old style desktop, we need to wait for the newer version of the tool
    i just now seen that in Q9 so i would wait for the update then.


      I guess I have a laptop with an optical drive, so possible I could remove that and use a sata cable to connect to an external 3.5" optical drive, and do it that way. I might look into that. I wonder if that is feasible.