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Bug at processing MKV file in DVDFab v11

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  • Bug at processing MKV file in DVDFab v11

    At processing 4k UHD MKV file to M2ts file or creation UHD Blu - ray with performs conversion VIDEO stream even if is in set Same as source or Passthrough. Resulting VIDEO stream then isn't same as primary original VIDEO stream included with MKV file.

    AUDIO streams are copied and are same as streams included with MKV file. Subtitles streams have similar problem as VIDEO stream, subtitles streams is missing several last strings, described in any other post.

    It is possible fix this bug so to VIDEO stream only copy and then create structure UHD Bluray or M2TS file. This bug I am here reported already before over most half - year, but always isn't repaied. You can me write if is above described bug really bug and works with to her Fixed or it no bug isn't.

    Thank for answer. Gtein

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    I am very sorry that we have received your question and the r&d staff is working on it