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Limit on Drive Tool usage?

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  • UHD Drive Tool Limit on Drive Tool usage?

    I purchased the UHD drive package and have used the drive tool 2 or 3 times. I had to replace a drive and tried to downgrade the new drive and now it errors out with oops, something went wrong. I assuming since nothing has changed that the tool must have some kind of limit on it and it has to contact the server to work. Can anyone verify this?
    No word from support yet on how to fix it.

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    There is no limit for using the UHD Drive Tool to downgrade your UHD drives. Please specify the drive you have problem with and post the UHD_Drive_Tool log to help check the problem, thanks.
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      For future reference, the problem was multiple drives installed. I have 2 blu-ray drives in the system and after unplugging the second drive and rebooting, I was able to proceed.
      Thanks to support for figuring it out!