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  • DVD to DVD FAQ

    Everything underlined is a link.

    Q: Why is DVDFab giving me a message saying, "This disc contains CSS protection. This version of DVDFab cannot copy it."
    A: You have downloaded the Non-CSS version. Please download the Latest Official Release or the Latest Beta Version.

    Q: Why is my Registration key not working?
    A: Please read Registration Key Problems.

    Q: Why am I getting errors while reading?
    A: Please review Tips on troubleshooting analyzing/ripping dvds.

    Q: Why am I getting errors when burning?
    A: Please read Help Us Help You and post the appropriate information.

    Q: Will DVDFab allow me to copy dvd's from other regions without changing the region of my dvd drive?
    A: Yes, DVDFab can copy dvd's from all regions without changing the region of your dvd drive.

    Q: What is the region code of my backup copy?
    A: DVDFab creates a dvd with region code of ALL or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

    Q: Can DVDFab convert PAL to NTSC?
    A: No. You will have to use a separate program such as VSO ConvertXtoDVD. Developed by the same company which develops the default burning engine used by DVDFab.

    Q: How do I change the location where DVDFab saves my dvd rips?
    A: Click the Common Settings button, , click on the General Tab. From here you can change the Output Directory and Temporary Directory.

    Q: Can I combine two dvd's using DVDFab?
    A: Yes, please review the Merge Mode Guide.

    Q: Where can I find the DVDFab error codes list?
    A: Right Here --> Error Codes.

    Q: Windows Media Player will not play the DVDFab output. How do I play my ripped movies on my computer?
    A: You can play the video_ts folder and ISO files with many software video players. Free recommended player is VLC media player.

    Q: What is PathPlayer?
    A: PathPlayer gives DVDFab the ability to copy DVD content only allowed to be played on a real DVD player. In this way, DVDFab will ignore unplayable content which may contain copy protection.

    Q: Can DVDFab perform dvd-copy on-the-fly?
    A: No, DVDFab will only copy to your hard drive. Then using Third Party Products you can burn the files to a blank disc.

    Q: What is the difference between Full Disc and Clone Modes?
    A: Full Disc allows you to copy with different settings and the option to apply compression. Clone Mode produces a bit-for-bit copy and only outputs an ISO file or write to a blank disc.

    Q: Why am I getting Verify DVD started, Task_3 failed! Error=100?
    A: The verify feature in the VSO Burning SDK is buggy. If you want to use Verify please change your burning engine to ImgBurn. Setting Up ImgBurn and DVDFab to Work Together

    Q: Why does my old DVDFab version work but I can not burn using the new version?
    A: I don't know. Please read Help Us Help You and post the requested information.

    Q: Why does DVDFab always fail at a certain percentage when trying to backup INSERT TITLE, the disc plays fine in my dvd player.
    A: DVD drives are more picky when reading a disc. Your dvd drive is trying to read all the data, where as a DVD player will easily skip over an unreadable section. Please read Tips on troubleshooting analyzing/ripping dvds.

    Q: Why does DVDFab create an empty AUDIO_TS folder?
    A: The AUDIO_TS folder isn’t needed on Video dvd's but some really old dvd players require one to be present.

    Q: Does DVDFab alter the sound quality?
    A: When using the DVD to DVD modes the sound is not altered. DVDFab will not alter the audio even when applying compression.
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