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The NEW beta local version is released out! (31.Jan.2018)

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  • From DVDFab Movie Server Team The NEW beta local version is released out! (31.Jan.2018)

    Updated by Juice ,31/1 11:36 AM. GMT+8:00
    Fixed movie loss issue that occurred during database migration.
    Stability optimization.

    Updated by Juice ,15/1 06:28 PM. GMT+8:00

    Now we confirmed that upgrade to the new version(1010->1012) will result in the loss of some of the movie data, and disappear completely from the database. It should a data migration failure.Please wait for a new version with bug fixed.
    The previous cloud versions of DMS firmware have been discontinued, and this is the new beta local version
    Please do not use the former DMS Remote on this new local firmware; the new DMS Remote is still on the way, and should be ready soon.
    If you need to manage the metadata information of your movies, please use our new DMS Manager at, the former [your DMS IP]:32080 has been discontinued.

    About using the Movie Server offline
    As a local firmware, this newest version does not always need to be connected to the internet, except for a few specific tasks, such as when activating the DMS for the first time, or when you download/scrape the movie posters, or otherwise need to manage the relevant metadata…. This new firmware will send the information from DMS Manager to your DMS and store it there, and you can then be disconnected from the internet and still have access to all your data!

    What’s New:
    • Added the support to create playlists featuring various filtering terms;
    • Added the UI support for TVs with 4K@60Hz 420 12bit output (please enable the HDMI Deep Color on the TV);
    • Added the playback support on TVs with 4K@24Hz 444 12bit bt2020 HDR output (please enable the HDMI Deep Color on the TV);
    • Added the support to recreate media library under the TV mode;
    • Added the support the scan the media library under the TV mode;
    • Added the support for the DMS Manager to re-scrape the metadata for formerly unidentified files;
    • Added the support to retain the formerly scraped data even the HDD has been switched;
    • Added the support the network IP Control(Control 4).DevelopDoc:;
    • Redesigned the UI style, ushering in two sets of built-in skins;
    • Improved the OSD style to support to display the Color Depth, Chroma Subsampling, Gamut, Frame Rate and Resolution of the current HDMI output;
    • Fixed the problem that the DMS Manager does not support multi-server management;
    • Fixed the problem that the pop menus of certain sources cannot be dismissed;
    • Fixed the problem that new HDD is detected upon startup because certain HDDs load up slowly;

    Known Issues:
    • The scraper feature can scrap only English information as of now;
    • Due to some bugs, the NFO files for Kodi are not supported yet, but will be available later;
    • There are some bitrate and frame rate display issues with the DMS Manager;
    • Due to some editing issues, the support for movie series is not available yet, but will be ready later;
    • DMS Manager might experience a slower speed when accessing pictures, because all the pictures are now still in native TMDB resolution, and the picture compressing feature is still being optimized;
    • There are currently no real-time popup tips to certain operations in the DMS Manager, like when you click to scan media library, but don't worry, the system is still processing, just wait a little bit longer, and the real-time tips will be added in the later upgrade;
    • The language preference options of the navigation menu might not work properly when switching subtitles, audios of the DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD sources being played. This problem also exists in the former versions, and shall be addressed later.

    If you specify a path to TV Shows, the contents of this path will only appear in TV Shows, but now appears in videos. It can not be fixed at this moment.This is a bug.
    After upgrade,If you log in and it displays a "learn more" screen. it may be your box did not log in successfully. If login is unsuccessful, dms manager can not connect to the local database. Please send feedback to let us analyze why login was unsuccessful (give the time it happened as well).
    Interim solution:
    In the box Settings - "User Center -" Log Out - "and log in again.

    About Feedbacks:
    Currently, the TMDB database is still used for scraping poster information, please let us know the TMDB link if you find any discrepancy;
    When reporting scraper related issues, please tell us the file name and path, and send us the .meta file in case you have it;
    Please send us a private message via our Forum to notify us your DVDFab account used for logging into the DMS, after you submit a feedback via the DMS;
    Please check the TMDB website; in case you cannot scrape any information for certain movies or TV Shows;
    As for now, we completely blocked the DMS from scraping the metadata in Chinese, please report to us, in case you find any metadata in Chinese;
    Please find our recommended methods for naming files at:

    Upgrade Notice:

    - Users can do an incremental upgrade from version 1.x, and the user data will be retained.
    - If upgrading directly to this version from the previous Cloud version, please restore the factory settings once the upgrade is done, or you can also use our update package to clear the old data and recreate your new media library.
    - The media library will be retained during the upgrade process, but the playback history and favorites history will be lost.
    - Please contact us, with your log files attached, if your media library gets lost after the upgrade.

    How to manually flash the firmware of DVDFab Movie Server?

    Step 1 > Download the firmware, rename it to, then copy it to the root directory of any USB flash drive, or directly copy and paste to the root directory of sdcard by directly accessing the DMS via Samba;

    Step 2 > Connect the drive to Movie Server, and go to Settings -> About -> USB Update;

    Step 3 > Choose the drive, then you will see Android robot showing up in the display, wait until the firmware is flashed;

    Step 4 > Once the firmware is flashed, you can then use the Movie Server again.

    Firmware Download:

    New Firmware Download:

    New DMS Manager webpage:, login with your DVDFab Member Center account info.

    Old Firmware Download:
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    It changed everything I manually corrected from the meta info then most of it came back. There are about 20% that stayed changed that I have to redo.
    Last edited by jimczyz; 01-31-2018, 10:12 AM.


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      I also am getting different meta info on the movie server and the web page for the same movie and some movies are showing up 4-6 times.


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        I have upgraded and cleared my library. Logged into the cloud to setup my library and click on the Add Folder button but only have an option to add a Network folder. I cannot add my internal 3.5" disk which is full of movies.


        • #5
          Would be nice to be able to fix meta info directly from the MS instead of thru a web browser which is very slow and glitchy for me.


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            I'm getting multiples of the same movie showing now. I have 1 that is showing 11 times. Many are showing twice.