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DMS v2.0.0.3 Beta is out!

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  • From DVDFab Movie Server Team DMS v2.0.0.3 Beta is out!

    Important! Read This Before Updating/Testing with v200x from v10xx :

    1. The function of automatically upgrading the database from old version (v10xx) is not provided, so when you install the new version, all information must be generated fresh and
    it will not keep any of your changes, Meta or Settings.

    2. If it is the first time updating to DMS v200x, before installing the new SDK, you must CLEAN DATA in your current version first, which will avoid problems caused by a mix of old and new data, corruption etc. Please follow the steps shown in the link to flush all v10xx data, you must do this or the new SDK will not operate correctly! https://forum.dvdfab.cn/forum/dvdfab...-to-clean-data

    When you do the test for V200x, if there is some bad or missing data, you can use the methods below for improvement:

    1. Rebuild library ( in TVApp / Library Manager )

    Rebuild library will only clean all scraper information, and rescan and rescrape it, but the paths, library, images data and fixed data will be kept, which will help more better to rebuild the media library, remove some database error and strange problems, like repeat movie or others.

    2. CLEAN DATA ( in Advance Settings )

    Clean Data will clean all data of DMS apk, including library, paths, images, all data will be clean, so you will get a fresh install APK, which will help DMS to clean corrupt data, and release the memory. and rebuild the media library.

    3. Factory Reset

    Restore the DMS device to factory status, there are not other apk and data, so you need install the new SDK again, all is the new. but I think this not help for fix the scraper error and really should not be necessary if you followed the steps above. Avoid is possible unless all else fails.

    Development Update

    We are working for the next beta version, the next beta and the finally official release version.

    There are different priority for current development working :

    High priority:
    • I need fixed the problem of playing, stability, obvious bug, of course, include some very easy bug.
    • I will add better feedback function, so users can send it more easy, I aslo can fixed the problem more quickly
    • function of upgrade from old version and database, which will help usesr do the upgrade more easily

    Middle priority;
    • Improve some UI in Add/Explorer Network source, this part is very hard to use in current version
    • Scraper problems which reported by users

    Lower priority:
    • Edit and advance features.
    • Other features

    Now If you have scraper problem for special case, please provide log file, create new post for it is more better. Use the thread prefix for v2.0.0.2 Beta for your thread.

    The suggestion or feature request, other feedback are also welcome, better in a new post, and please use the thread prefix for the version you have installed. This release thread is closed for new posts.

    I will recorded all information reported by you and add to the plan.

    v2xxx Beta version list and changelogs and download link for v2.0.0.2


    DMS V2.0.0.3 beta


    MD5: FFBC2164F66DE12CC730CC3F72FFACF5
    SHA1: 120A39D6D26D28697199D9C4D44155054F170492
    CRC32: EF04284B


    1.Fixed the bug of slow speed in WebApp, add cache for improve the speed of back to previous page
    2.Fixed the bug of the "shift" on some thumbnails in WebApp
    3.Add "Feedback" in Movie/TVshow/WebApp, you can upload the log quickly and get logID,
    and when you report the problem in forum, please tell me the logID.
    4.Fixed the bug of blanked poster in some case
    5.Improve the poster loading speed in DMS App
    6.Other minor changes.

    in development:

    1.Disable Pop menu for some Bluray files
    2.The bug of cannot correctly to analysis meta of BD files
    3.The scraper code not changed in this version, If you have scraper problem, please using new feedback feature
    4.The function of import from old version (v1xxx)
    5.The function of better support network storage
    6.The feature of support portable storage device
    7.Other ...


    DMS v2002 beta

    MD5: DBD3ECABB95496996D6BAFEC0BEB0F26
    SHA1: C11B63F86821A713AF28BBA864A2B52814959C2E
    CRC32: 36F5D226


    1.Fixed the bug of DMS not be founded and listed by DVDFab
    2.Fixed the bug of scraping error by DVDFab created meta file
    3.More better logic to scraping by different method
    4.Remove Chinese boxes in Genre list
    5.Show the fullpath in local WebApp, remove account information

    Other minor changes.


    DMS v2001 beta


    1. Improve the speed of get movies and tvshow from library
    2. Showing the count of all movies
    3. Fixed the bug of external subtitle not working in DVD/BD
    4. Fixed the bug of select the play mode of BD/DVD
    5. Fixed the bug of Set Scraping Language not working in Settings
    6. Fixed the bug The yellow DTS-HD/Atmos/DTS-X icons not showing
    7. Showing the full path in WebApp
    8. Add the Skip button in Wizard
    9. Fixed the bug of playing DVD
    10. Add SMB 2.0
    11. Fixed the problem of Pop menu in BD/UHD playing (need more test)

    And other minor changes.


    ================================================== =======================================


    The first beta version of DMS v2000 :

    In this version, we rewrite most of the important code of DMS, and redesign the database and major work processes.

    Because this is the first beta version (really like a developer alpha), so there are some things you need to know before deciding to install and try it.

    1. Most of major working process have been finsihed.
    2.The UI has not been changed yet in this version, but core has been upgraded.
    3. BD/DVD still not playing by main movie, default playing mode is menu mode.
    4. The function of Fix metadata is not be fully tested, please try it and feed back
    5. UI of TVShow have some little problem.

    6. The function of upgrade the database from old version is not provided, so when you install the new version, all infomations will be get it freshly, and it will not keep any of your changes, Meta or Settings.

    Before install the new SDK, please CLEAN DATA in current version first, which will avoid the old data cause the problem.

    about clean data, please check this link :


    7. I have do the important test for this version, not the full test, so there are probably other problems that are not known and need feedback.
    8. If you do not have the problem of empty Library and not other serious problems in current version, and don't want to try the beta version, please keep your current version and wait the official release version.
    9. Please using local Web Manager to check your library in http://your-ip:32080, this version does not support the function in dms.dvdfab.cn.
    10. If you can't see your Library in this version and your DMS seems to be looping (such as after quitting playback) first please try a restart of the DMS and report the problem in this thread and attach the DMS log.

    If you install this version, and have any problem, please tell me in this thread ASAP, and if you can provide the log file is better, about how to get the log file, please check this post. https://forum.dvdfab.cn/forum/dvdfab...og-submissions

    The new features discussed earlier will be added after the release version based on the new architecture and user feedback.

    Thanks !
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