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    DMS v2.0.2.1 and back to 1010

    2021 has the same problems all the others had with tv series. It shows 1 disc per season no matter how many there are. I'm just figuring I'm staying on 1010 forever.

    For a long time, I've noted reference to version 1010 by many different posts. If I have working, what kind of disadvantages would I have rolling back to 1010? Can changes to cover names, etc. still be done through the web interface? If there is a missing poster can it still be added? etc??

    Also - how would I get my hands on this version?


      Originally posted by TRJ View Post
      For a long time, I've noted reference to version 1010 by many different posts. If I have working, what kind of disadvantages would I have rolling back to 1010? Can changes to cover names, etc. still be done through the web interface? If there is a missing poster can it still be added? etc??

      Also - how would I get my hands on this version?
      You can't get V1010 anymore, it is outdated and is not supported. One reason why you shouldn't want it, the second reason is V2.0.2.1 is better in so many ways now.....I think. I've have used every single version that was released starting with V1.0.1.0 and I still have every single one of my computer. I used to roll back all the time through bad releases to V1.0.1.0, after the first V2XXX release, I did not see the advantage and I still don't, guess it is in preference in what you are used to using. For folks that has a lot of 3D movies, I would say they would need to keep using V1.0.1.0 because 3D movies stopped working sometime ago, forgot when but it definitely doesn't work with any of the V2XXX releases.

      Think V1.0.10 scraps better for some because it's a wild card scrap where it doesn't care where it pulls it's data from to match movies and TV shows, you actually have no control over that but it does work, this is why I think some folks like V1.0.1.0 it magically works..... But most movie servers scrap with a couple of movie data bases ONLY and the rules of doing that are very flatlined in doing so, it's all in the format you use, it's not going to scrape for you if its not right. This is how V2.0.2.1 works and this is also why I like NFO files with V2.0.2.1. Think it boils down to what works for you and your preferences. But I really don't think you would have a need to use V1.0.1.0 if you already have been using V2XXX.
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        Thanks for the info - it's helpful. I've had my DMS since January 2020 and have at least been able to adjust and get the majority of movies working the way I'd like. My main concern is with the TV side that I've heard it worked better for my situation back on 1010. My main concern with TV items is the naming convention doesn't perform or work as mentioned in the forms when using ISO formats, as for most I prefer to keep in my ISO format.

        Overall - my main concern is the TV side as I've been pulling in my movies since January and haven't touched my TV series because of the main issues above. During COVID, it would have been nice to have the TV working as we spent more than normal time in front of the TV over March to Mid May.

        My major nit-pick list to solve the large issues in I have are:
        On the TV side:
        - Would like to see the naming convention for ISO's that includes Episodes by the naming convention (as I hear 1010 does) recognized or simply allow us to adjust the name displayed so we can denote what episodes are on a disc - instead of just "Episode X". The naming convention only recognizes the first episode and only displays that in the label.
        - Would like to see the episode posters adjustable for our own local posters as we want.

        On the movie side:
        - be able to scrape very small shorts. I've added many shorts with my movies, but a few < 2 minutes won't scrape or even show as a video. The minimum file size to be recognized seems to cause a problem. I think I've used the AI mode to increase resolution on one and then it was recognized since it's file size increased.
        - I'd like to know how to trigger or add the UHD label to some 4K movies. This worked on a few of mine that I imported but not all. Then I move the location of one and it no longer displayed UHD either. It would be nice to have a simple switch to add/change at will on the web based side.
        - I do have some particular menus on ISO's that don't work correctly (I did start another thread on a few of these at one point). These are likely title specific.
        - I've seen where disc extras with slide shows/photos don't seem to work.
        - on a rare occasion I would like to include a TV series with my movies - but currently we are at the mercy of what TMDB pulls it up as. Some movies that have a TV only addition I would like grouped with my movies and have no way to do this.



          I stay with v1010 because of my tv series. I have over 100 tv series with many discs. Every version since 1010 has only shown 1 disc per season. No matter what I did that how it is. V1010 shows all the discs. It also scraped everything I have perfectly. Until they can actually get a version to scrape tv series properly I'm staying. I am not redoing all those discs again just to find the same thing.I was told long ago that it was being worked on and fixed soon. Nada.


            jimczyz I am in full agreement with you if you have 100 TV series.......that is a lot of work and a lot of episodes to fix and put back on the server. But do you really think they can get any other version to work like V1010? I don't think so.......I don't know how 1010 works and scraps, it was apparent to me that I wasn't the only one because nothing could be added to it in development. This is why there was one super smart guy who started and redid things from the ground up.


            Your example on post #8, I am not sure how 1010 is able to know what episodes are on The Three Stooges_ s01 Disk1 and Disk 2. That is pretty slick I think! TRJ's format in post #7, I'm more familiar with, that is how I have mines. I only started putting TV series on the server after V2XXX, so I'm guessing I'm in a little better shape starting out doing this. I usually split each episodes using Ripper mode, to get 1080 H.264, using it you have to use MKV Passthrough, no ISO option, so just about all my TV series are MKV files. I have about three TV series that I ripped ISO because the disk wouldn't let me split the episodes up. For that I was using the same format TRJ's showed as an example.

            My example below for ISO.

            I have not figured out how to rip ISO episodes separately off a disk yet, which is how I want them to show up on the server. Thought 'Customize' would work but it didn't, it just put the series on the server like for a full disk. If 1010 works for you the way it does, I'm not sure it can be duplicated using anything else, if it could it would have happened 5 updates ago. There is a Keymaker out there! Other than the magic of scrapping, think V2.0.2.1 works damn good and worth using.


              I also like the web interface better on It scrolls properly and when you go into a movie or show, you can select an actor and all movies in your library with that actor shows up.