DVDFab Forum - Almost 6 months since v2.0.2.1

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Almost 6 months since v2.0.2.1

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    Were you logged in?


      Originally posted by Dead Eye View Post
      Were you logged in?
      I think they dont want us to view your list lol

      I get this when clicking on your link

      Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page. For assistance contact the site administrator.

      I agree with your statement tho about the end of product life, and tbh I dont think they have ever had full commitment in it probably since the day they found out the hardware couldnt
      actually do everything it was supposed to do.

      Theres been far to many issues never resolved, never out of a beta fw, length of time between fw updates even when theres a fairly major issue with it, I still believe that this was never an
      in-house project and were reliant on the original manufacturers making new fw's.

      Its a shame really as it had the ability to be a really good player, but IMHO the backup support has been truely lacking.

      Now if they are developing a replacement player.....would you buy one?

      I dont think I would tbh if this episode is anything to go by, Id be spending my hard earned somewhere else.

      I think they should stick to the software side of things as this has been their backbone for years and very sucessful with it too, leave the hardware/players to others.

      Im off to look at your Amazon links before they get locked sown too


        It's just a pdf file I created from a word document that has pictures I snipped from the Amazon product pages, I stripped out my personal info...I had to zip it to meet the max file size limitations!

        If they developed a new one I might give it a go...but I got to tell you I love this setup I got now, and it was pricey if you add up the cost of everything. Like I said though, the player app is for all intents and purposes a software DMS.
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          The player was too buggy for me. I was able to use it for less than a year just as a way to play Youtube videos on my TV. Just over half a year of use, Youtube and Google Play stopped working out of the blue. Never could get it working despite following all the recommended procedures I could find in this forum.

          I gave DVDFab two tries at a media player. This and their previous product. I will not get burned a third time. I have found using Kodi on a cheap mini-PC works best. I just added an IR receiver and use a generic universal remote to play my movies via Kodi. Kodi is free (recommend that you donate if you like it) and is getting updated on a daily basis (if you're brave enough to use the daily dev builds).


            I am not seeing any problems with Player 6 Ultra so far as to playing my ripped movies and documentary stuff. I used it to import the disk from The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and Falling Skies complete sets with no issues and playing them back. It sounds like you are talking about the physical DMS when you mention YouTube and the 'Play Store'. I put an internet shortcut on the Windows desktop to YouTube.

            The poster wall in the player has some of the same issues that I noticed when I was using the DMS, like double entries after using the 'Fix Match' tool. I get one entry for the .nfo and another for the actual movie after I 'fix' it. Whereas before the movie had the wrong poster and title altogether. As before I am unwilling to fight that and just use Windows explorer and go directly to the folder that has whatever I want to watch and through the file association icon, I double click it. I still have KODI on my HTPC but hardly ever use it now.


              "As before I am unwilling to fight that and just use Windows explorer and go directly to the folder that has whatever I want to watch and through the file association icon"
              Dead Eye, can't you just do that from the DMS? I do that some of the time for tv shows like the X Files with 11 season. I just play from the directories.

              I actually like the DMS a lot. It works as I would like about 90%. I do miss a few things that were in but for the most part it is very good.
              I have several media servers with the same content on each. I would say FAB does the best fuzzy matching of all of them.

              However, after updating my Zidoo, It really forced much stricter file naming to match. I spent several days doing this and made the same changes to the DMS and the matching is really good now.
              However, Zidoo lets me add episodes that are not known. Examples Crossover episodes from X Files and Lone Gunmen or Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Women.

              I also split my movies by category. Drama, Comedy, Documentary etc. On the zidoo It only scans the directory that changed and it is very quick compared to scanning everything on the DMS even though I have the same folder structure.


                Yes I could intvfan, and that's the way that I selected a movie when I was using the DMS. Now though after the movie is over I have a Windows desk top where, now that I have a mouse cursor and a keyboard, I can serf the net or watch over the air HD television with an external USB 3.1 TV tuner and a couple of nice digital antenna that I put in the attic when I cut the cable about 5 years ago because of their insane price increases. I purchased an 'antenna joiner' from channel master so the pair transmit as one, I ran some high quality RG6 quad shield coax down from the attic through a wire chase that goes from the attic down to the basement and terminated the ends and fed it into my 2 in x 16 out video distribution box that feeds all the connections throughout the ranch house. Works great!

                I also liked the DMS but I wanted more from this entertainment system and what I got now was the way forward for me.


                  Hi Dead Eye, Wow, that sounds great!
                  Where I am I get Zero line of sight over the air channels. I am at the bottom of a valley. 8 tenths of miles in 3 directions would get me 5 markets Or 1000 foot high antenna! LOL

                  I am centrally located between the cities of Boston, Springfield, Providence, Nashua and Hartford. that is a lot of PBS channels.... Would most likely need a couple of directional antennas. Omni would work in the very best of conditions. I have talked to my wife about moving a mile east! We just got wireless phone coverage 2 years ago. Prior, we had spotty coverage in the winter when the trees dropped the leaves. So we use cable for everything! It is a pretty hefty fee.


                    Thanks intvfan! I am in the Columbus Ohio market. I used the antenna guide on channel masters website to see where the broadcast stations were. I noticed that there were two groupings of stations which led me to get two antennas and join them. I have an ATSC signal analyzer so that when I put them in the attic I could point them in the direction where the group was using a compass and turned them till I got the strongest signal on the meter. When I scan for channels I get 42 channels, of which only 5 have content that I'm inclined to watch. Usually when I'm showing television it is for background noise while doing other things.

                    Since I'm using a Windows PC I downloaded the Amazon Prime app from the Microsoft store, so I have that also to put content on my 65" 4K TV. I got an external 4 bay USB 3.2 type-C hard drive unit on my Office PC and one on the HTPC in the living room, so moving content from one to the other is no problem.

                    I had the full cable package when I had this house built in 2005, internet + cable was roughly $80 per month. Without changing my cable lineup or internet service level I watched my bill go north of $190 per month. I did a hard assessment of just how much of that lineup I was watching and decided that it wasn't worth it. So I bumped up the internet speed and got rid of their equipment so now I have an internet only bill for 100MB down / 10MB up service for $65 month.


                      Hey Dead Eye, $65 is not bad. I was pushing $200 for Phone, TV and Internet. I was able to lower it $15 by adding HBO and Showtime... How logical is that? No wonder they are going away!
                      I also picked up a Tivo Bolt with lifetime service cheap, so no monthly fee for that now took a year to started saving on the box fee.... Hope it works for 5 years or more!

                      I do watch a lot of sports, so for me, I am willing to pay. My wife has her shows also. Plus, we need reliable phone. I may be the only person I know with a home phone! LOL Well, I am certain my neighbors are in the same boat.

                      As I get older, I find myself watching more and more OLDER stuff. 60's - 80's tv and older movies. well, we haven't had many new movies lately..... I did like knives out! Of course that was filmed in my area so that might skew my rating? but I do think it was good.

                      If anyone wants to part with the DMS cheap... I would grab another to test on. After all my file renaming, I wonder how it would do?
                      I used to keep switching back to before the 2...? I forgot the version LOL I am mostly happy with the current version, just a few little things I know they could knockout if they wanted too.

                      hoping for some updates from other vendors soon also... Seems like each have things I just don't like or don't work as expected. But maybe Dead Eye has found the way?


                        Well like everything else it will creep up but this is the way of things. I'm not sure I'll ever go back to having those digital services, I'm over 67 and todays shows and movies are nonsense and I feel that if I had to watch any of it that I would be required to have a 'social justice check list' to make sure all the check boxes are ticked off...so, I'm not into all that...and I really can't stand social media...any of it. I have a Half Priced Books store near me that I go to and get old movies and documentaries. I will say that this setup I got now is great and I didn't think that I would like having a Windows PC as a HTPC as much as I do.

                        I do electrical and network stuff for my sisters and their kids and friends' kids when the need comes up. I built a work shop in the basement, installed electrical circuits and framed in a section for power tools. I bought a cordless gas powered framing nail gun and it really sped up that work. In one section I have exercise equipment with a TV so I put network and cable ports there. Never have been into sports. Spring / Summer / Fall is bike riding season for me and my youngest sister, we hit the 'Rails to Trails' bike paths.
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