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    Hi is there any possibility of including DVDFAB IN FULL viewing mode...At the moment it views only in the center of my laptop screen what about viewing the whole size of a pc or laptop screen...



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    Hehe, I strongly second this request. In today's large, hi-res LCD world, I find DVDFab's fixed screen-size mode not just a little outdated, but also somewhat cumbersome in actual use.

    While seeing the video preview any larger is not a big deal (and I know you can double click it to see it full screen), working with long lists of anything, ex. the Titles list is a bit of a pain. Besides, the vertical scroll bar is very funky in it's implementation - it is "jumpy" and does not follow true Windows UI guidelines.

    To boot, a lot of horizontal scrolling becomes necessary with the smallish application window size, to see list item names/descriptions in full, etc., so overall, the experience is a bit clunky, in spite of a very neat and clean looking layout. That is the irony of DVDFab - looks great but is a little cumbersome to use.

    I think these UI problems can be a thing of the past by simply allowing flexible resizing of the application's windows - let the end-user benefit from the screen resolution they have, let them reduce the number of clicks and scrolls required to deal with today's fairly sophisticated DVD content layouts. Make us happier!