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  • jsimmons
    started a topic Better Support for TV Show Copying

    Better Support for TV Show Copying

    Some things regarding TV show chapter copying:

    0) Copy all chapters in one process. This might already be possible, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how. When you go into the "other titles" form, selection is via a radio button. I would expect a checkbox instead.

    1) The ability to only show chapters within a specified duration range (for example, 20-26 minutes).

    2) The ability to set the same subtitle setting for all chapters all at the same time without having to go into "Common Settings".

    3) The ability to specify a chapter prefix for naming files, say "S01D", and DVDFab simply adds the chapter number onto the prefix.

    It may even be a good idea to add a new copy mode (like "Main Movie"), such as "TV Episodes" that automatically allows the things I mentioned above.

  • signals
    I think some of the things you request may not be possible since TV episode discs can be authored in different ways. Filtering the titles by run time would be handy, I agree.

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