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    Im thinking about purchasing a Blu-Ray burner, since I have a Playstation 3.

    I was thinking about getting the following one. The reviews have been good, and 10x is decent burning speed (I don't really care how fast stuff burns).


    Also, I was going to get these Verbatim BD-R LTH discs. I've used Verbatim DVD's for ages, without burning/playback issues. These discs have good reviews, a couple people have said they have had issues with them, but it seems as if that was just a Firmware issue. Plus Verbatim says it works with the burner I want to buy, and the Playstation 3 (which i'll be using to play).


    I was just wondering if this would be a good choice? Like I said, the reviews are good for both, but was looking for input from people experienced with this. Last thing I want to do, is buy a burner and discs, and have a bunch of flukes coming out. At $2.00/disc, that's something I REALLY want to avoid.

    Also, i'll be using DVDFab to rip the blu-ray discs . DVDFab works around that Cineva protection correct?

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      Krukester: I don't what you to feel that you've been ignored. I previously left you a response on blu-ray burner on "Reliable Blu-ray R's" chat forum:


      Originally posted by GadgetVictim View Post
      @btufail: Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye posted, those Verbatim's BD-R should be out soon. Mahalo!

      @Krukester: If you're in the market for BR burner, check out LG WH10LS30K:


      I have one, and I love it. Can't beat the price for the punch. It's only about $90 (US) with free shipping. Also, has LightScribe capability.

      So far, it works fine with the OQ BD-R I just purchased from Amazon.

      Also check out discussion on the Verbatim disc you reference on the following chat forum:


      That particular Verbatim disc pack is a LTH type.... vice the other "non-LTH" type. Not sure what the specifics are all about on the LTH incompatbility issue. Don't think you'll have problems burning that BD-R with the LG drive, because I see that particular disc pack recommended and purchased by others at Amazon that purchased that LG burner.

      Let me know how it works out.

      Living Aloha,


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        That's the one I was going to get! Looks to be amazing.

        Now, if I could only choose between the Verbatim LTH and the Optical Quantum discs.