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Need help with flash drive

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  • Need help with flash drive

    I need some help. I have a 2TB flash drive and I have been trying to download movies but after 4 movies are copied it stops loading. After that any movie downloaded deletes an earlier movie. I have reformatted, deleted and gone on line for help but to no avail can anyone help?

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    what format is the flash drive formatted as ??
    NTFS or FAT32


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      Can I asked where you purchased the Flash drive?

      For what you are describing I think it may be a Fake drive. As in a smaller drive programmed to state it is a larger size.


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        Ok thanks


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          qman7112 I have been the victim of these "Fake-drives" several times in the past. Here is a link to a utility (H2Testw.exe) that will test and help you determine if you have a fake drive (or just google H2test).


          FYI, it may take several hours to run the test takes around 30 minutes to test a 32GB USB 3 flash drive, so do the math. It basically writes data at each memory location then tries to read it back and verify. Nothing fancy, but it does the job. I had several 256 GB micro cards that each failed half-way through so those were actually only 128 GB capacity. (Had no trouble returning these to amazon). If the price seems suspiciously low, they are likely fake.
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            It was bought on line and i believe that is from China because of what appears to be Chinese characters on the holder


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              I don't know what format windows uses but that is what I used