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    Originally posted by jesfreak69 View Post
    I know how to change from dvd5 to dvd 9. I have tried all of that and it will not burn a dual layer disk.Even tried the clone and it will not work with a 8.5gb disk..I read online that most dual layer disks are junk. I have tried Verbatim and Memorex dual layer disk.with no success. i have 3 different burners and they are all super multi drives.there is a setting that asks if you want to remove the layer break.Should i have that checked or unchecked.
    You can use Imgburn and slow down the write speed to burn the copy to blank DVD9 disk. If still failed, you can post the Imgburn log file, maybe other users that are more experienced with burning and dual layer disc could offer you some advice.
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      Hi jesfreak69, have you tried to copy the disc as an iso file first then, insert you blank media and burn the iso copy on to the disc, this is what I do and works perfectly.
      Just a thought.