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Very slow with MSI Radeon rx 580 and MSI X570 gaming plus mobo

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  • DVD Ripper Very slow with MSI Radeon rx 580 and MSI X570 gaming plus mobo

    Ripping a DVD folder (on HDD) to standard one-pass seems to take around 40-50 min; The 'CPU' display (shouldn't that be 'GPU') shows about 2.5x acceleration (arrow pointing at first tick), while on my trusty old FX-8350 with an Nvidia card it takes about 8 minus showing 10x. On the info under the job appears:
    "11:24:22 ATI Stream GPU acceleration for video h264 encoding enabled"

    I can't find any setting difference between the two machines, so something would appear to be not right (I thought I saw a very recent posting about this very issue,but can't find it; the story was that the engineers were looking into it, in which case, good!!)

    update: found the similar posting in the x64 forum, trying to delete this one
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    Hi OggFrog, please post your dvdfab_internal.log file and fabcheck_internal.log file. Thanks.
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    For Mac: Finder>Documents>DVDFab Player 5>Log

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      Here they are, I reinstalled the program due to some issues as to where the various log files were, and it seemed reluctant to start the job but did it eventually (maybe I thought it was doing nothing while it was just taking its time)
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