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  • Blu-ray Copy Drivers for BD player for Apple Macintosh

    I am an apple macintosh user for years. I have installed an LG blue-ray player/recorder (HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH10LS30).
    Also, I installed bootcamp with windows 7 (ultimatte edition) in a part of my HDs. There, I have installed my purchased DVDFab, with which I copy my BD and DVD disks to my Dune blue-ray player.
    So far, I could do that in windows envionment.
    Now, it is time to continue that in my allways prefered operating system: Apple Lion OS. I have already downloaded and installed DVDFab as a trial copy.
    The only obstacle I face to do that, is that my LG BD player doesn't have drivers for the mac environment (and I didn' t find such drivers in the cd-rom, that accompanied the device).
    You could help me very much indeed, if you could provide me the information, where I could get the proper drivers for my LG BD player.
    Thank you for your time
    Christos Michalopoulos

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    You don't need any

    I've got the same blu ray writer. You do not need any drivers at all it just works.


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      I have basically the same system as you (Lion rocks!). A few days ago I installed LG's new Blu-ray unit (WH12LS39 - the one with M-Disc feature) and it works fine right out of the box. I use the Mac-Go Blu-Ray player to watch the movies with. As long as your Mac sees your LG blue-ray player/recorder (and it should) then you should be golden. Are you using USB, SATA or Firewire?