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DVDFab on late 2013 MacPro really slow encoding h.265

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  • DVDFab on late 2013 MacPro really slow encoding h.265

    I have been really disappointed running DVDFab on my late 2013 Mac Pro. Even though it have 6 core Xeon X3, 2 dual AMD Firepro D500 graphics cards, 16GB RAM and SSD Drive, DVDFab is limited in the speed of encoding.

    I know the graphics chipset does not support hardware encoding but even with this disadvantage DVDFab takes 1:57:03 to encode a file 1:27 length file encoded at 896x504 h.264 to h265. An average of 18.9 frames per second. Even lightning-shrink did not get used.

    Adobe Media Encode 2019 Version 13.0.1 on the other hand only takes 20:32 to encode the same file to identical h265 encoding settings settings.

    Adobe must be making use of the Dual FirePro D500 graphics cards and 6-core Xeon X5 using the Apple Metal API but a difference of 6 times faster than DVDFab!

    I am guessing that DVDFab is only looking to support iMacs where they can get extra processing power from the different Chipset but it looks like I may have to ditch DVDFab and move to Adobe Media Encoder.

    Has anyone similar experiences using DVDFab on a Mac Pro to encode videos?

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    Hi Cyberion,

    It does not support hardware encoding is the main reason that it has this slow encoding issue, please provide us the latest log file from DVDFab Log folder, I will have our developer check and see what we can do. Thank you.
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