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Progress bar stays at 12%

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  • Progress bar stays at 12%

    I have recently noticed (several updates back, including the latest) that when backuping up a BD, movie only, once analysis is completed an re-encoding begins, the progress bar and percentage indicator seem to go to 12% right at the start of re-encoding, and stays there for several minutes. Then after about 4-5 minutes is starts to update the progress as normal. It does this with every movie I have backed up with the last few updates (not sure which update was installed when I first noticed it), so its not a title specific issue. The backup completes and plays just fine, but wasn't sure if this was a bug or not. Either way, the backup completes fine. Has anyone else noticed this? (I have Nvidia 1050 with latest drivers).

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    Yeah when I use UHD Ripper it stalls at 12% but the CPU is working hard because I checked my resource monitor and all 16 cores are pegged out. After about 1 1/2 hours the progress bar starts to move.


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      I guess it doesn't really "stall" because the timers (elapsed and remaining) still update every second.


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        It looks as though this issue has been fixed now with the v11.0.3.7 update.


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          Yes, it appears to be fixed.