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  • DVDFab Downloader v1.0.0.2 Downloader v1.0.0.2 downloading issues

    Using v1.0.0.2 going to abcgo, try to download Agents of Shield Season 3 episode Collision Course Part 1 ... shows up in downloading but keeps pausing will not download, tried with turbo on and off same result.. click on resume all goes back to paused... Still have v1.0.0.1 on another pc and v1.0.0.1 downloads the episode no problem...
    Also both v1.0.0.2 and v1.0.0.1 have a problem with downloading from FX Network episodes of Legion Season 3 episodes 1, 2 or 3 never loads the episode just sits at loading... so never get a download option.

    Windows 7 64bit

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    Please help by attaching the Downloader Log file from ....\(My)Documents\DVDFab Downloader\Log folder and supply the URLs for the failed attempts.
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      Hi Signals, I am in the USA and am logged on the download sites with my Verizon acct... here are the logs and the URL's

      Agents of Shield - Season 6 Episode 8 - Collision Course Part 1


      Legion - Chapter 20 Season 3 Episode 1


      Legion - Chapter 21 Season 3 Episode 2


      Legion - Chapter 22 Season 3 Episode 3


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        This is what it looks like for Legion
        Click image for larger version

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          The developers are analyzing it, we will keep you posted.
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