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wrong subtitle when ripping disc

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  • wrong subtitle when ripping disc

    hi, i have a problem with uhd disc movie. i want to rip movie only 1:1 so i select bd100, 1 audiotrack and dutch subtitle. after finishing 100% i play the movie i got english subs? . tested with 2 different movies. groundhog day and the shallows. however if i play the movie from the original source and select dutch i have the right subs. what went wrong. i selected iso only as output file.

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    Ok, found it with the help of another guy from another forum. the problem is dvdfab itself.

    Example i used this as source " ray-terminal" and with output as bd100 i got a filesize of 40,7 GB with english subs.

    When i choose bd50 as output i get NL subs and a filesize of 34,4 GB

    How is this possible. is it a bug in your programs