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    One year later and no solution...

    To resume :

    - The output size occurs especially with Dolby True HD audio tracks - less with DTS tracks
    - This problem is present with UHD Creator and Bluray Creator
    - Impossible to set video bitrate manually
    - issue occurs with hardware and software encoding
    - Also there often frozen subtitles issues
    - With Bluray or UHD Copier > no problem at all. The size is perfect every times !

    I'm sure its a bitrate calculation issue when UHD / BD Creator needs add ac3 core to True HD stream, to make it compliant to UHD / BD.

    Devs, what are you waiting to resolve this very annoying issue ?!


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      So how is it that this team can have customized bitrates in Version 9, but after a year can't fix it in version 10 or 11??? I'm very puzzled.


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        I tried (again) the latest version ( to see if output size is right. Guess what, always the same issue... it's hopeless !
        With UHD Creator from 4K MKV with DTS-HD MA tracks - target size BD25 >>> output after fit to disc conversion : 12.8 Gb !!!

        One year and many many updates, the problem is still unresolved. See the attached log

        On line : info: bd creator: set video_bitrate = 12486 (- instead of 18188 calculated bitrate)

        What are you waiting to fix the video bitrate issue ? I repeat again, with UHD Copy, no problem at all... only with BD / UHD creator
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