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    The drives that were available from this source are no longer being sold. There are several other vendors on ebay that either sell "fixed" drives, drives that you can fix with DVDFab, or will fix the drive you have and ship it back to you. I have had no contact with these other vendors other complaints from one of them, so let the buyer beware.

    There has been much confusion about which optical drives to buy for use with the DVDFab UHD product family (Copy, Ripper, Creator). With the limited or unavailability of some of the recommended drives, this has led to many of us winding up with useless drives due to the scanty information available from many sellers about firmware, manufacturing batch etc. This is now a thing of the past.

    One of the many Aussie forum members with an entrepreneurial streak has come up with a solution. He has purchased a lot of LG BH16NS55 drives and gone through all the voo-doo steps needed to downgrade the firmware to the last version usable for UHD playback and is making them available on ebay at reasonable prices. You can find them by entering the ebay item numbers below. If you do this from the ebay site that serves your country, the listing will be automatically denominated in your home currency. The original listings are is AU$.

    Since the drives have been modified, there is no factory warranty but the seller is including a six month warranty in the listed price.
    Each drive sold has actually been tested with DVDFab products for assurance that they are 100% compatible.

    Please note the following:
    • DVDFab.cn has no business relationship with this project, it is publicized here strictly as a convenience for DVDFab users.
    • This post does not constitute an endorsement or warranty of any kind by DVDFab.cn
    • That being said, the seller is someone who has been a member here for some time and whom I personally consider trustworthy.
    • Providing the sellers name or e-mail would violate ebay policy and might jeopardize this worthwhile project, so don't ask. Contact the seller if you have questions using the methods provided on ebay.
    • The drive is just the first step in being able to successfully process or convert UHD content, make sure your PC is up to the task and that the disc you want to process is supported by DVDFab.

    The ebay item numbers for these listings are:

    the items are no longer available, sorry

    Just copy and paste these (one at a time) in the ebay search window and press enter.
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    Originally posted by pacman
    the uhd friendly drives in admin post sticky are still available to all countries except Germany
    Problems with Germany post and Germany Ebay make it impossible to accommodate this country
    if German citizens wish to purchase they must look outside Germany to gain a result
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