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    Good afternoon, I just created a UHD from an MKV extracted directly from the original UHD, as well as the EAC-3 and the subtitles of the EAC-3 audio and the subtitles Castellanos del Blu-Ray, which is the UHD the result is not correct, since I play the UHD, it works correctly or the Dolby Atmos audio is used in English, but when you switch to Castellano or Italiano EAC-3, the video starts in a fast camera, while the sound does not. The reproduction is done with DVDFab Player 5.
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    We will try to reproduce this problem first. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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      Originally posted by Mona View Post
      We will try to reproduce this problem first. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
      Good morning,

      Discuss that there should be a problem of software compatibility when creating UHD with audio EAC-3 (DD +) 7.1, and then subsequently encode both audios to dtshd master 7.1 and re-create the UHD again and the result of it It was optimal.
      But the good thing is that you revise this theme so that this audio is compatible, since it is becoming more and more frequent this audio format in the Blu Ray and UHD Blu ray.