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  • Mortal Engines 4K UHD

    Is Mortal Engines 4K UHD supported yet? If not when can we expect it?

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    For those interested in this title . . . I WAS able to copy it to my hard drive this morning without a hitch. Using an LG WH16NS40 writer with ROM version 1.02


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      I just installed my "UHD Friendly" drive, and successfully ripped Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I then attempted Mortal Engines, and after 4 attempts, none got past the analyze phase. I then tried Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, which finished the rip, but screen appears to be solid green on playback. Going to test the file on my nVidia Shield...


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        Just got around to attempting to play the Mortal Engines iso file on the DVDfab Movie Server . . . AND it wouldn't play. I don't own a 4K disc player so I can't be sure that the disk wasn't defective. In the future I won't offer a post UNTIL I verify that the iso file plays. As stated in an earlier post, the movie copied with no issues . . . this is my first experience with a UHD iso file that won't play on the DMS. I apologize for misleading anyone!