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    UHD Ripper SRT subtitle files complete as Zero-byte files

    I am ripping a 1080p Bluray and have multiple subtitles set to rip with the video and the SRT files are all -0- byte files and when I try to remux direct to the video, they are also blank. I previously ripped the Bluray prior to the update and I did get the subtitles, however, I re-ripped it when I discovered that I missed several of the optional audio tracks. I deleted the original files and I've attempted to re-rip the Bluray about 10 times with different options selected thinking it was something I did. I've reset the defaults in the common settings multiple times to clear any config I may have chosen.

    At the end of the rip, I used to get a popup to verify my subtitle selections and accuracy, but this no longer happens. Any help would be appreciated.

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